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Ongoing Monologue: Why I Became A Writer

Allex Michael: "Isolation was a big contributor. I grew up as an only child, and my parents had no contact with relatives and few friends with children. So when I started school, I was unskilled at socializing with people my own age. I was also chubby and tall for my age, so it didn't take long before a big bull's-eye was painted on my forehead. Though I was certainly the most well liked bull's-eye, and was never severely injured like a few other kids, I was still picked on an awful lot throughout grade school.

A lot of my classmates were well off, and I was one of the few poor kids, so that was another isolating factor. I didn't have a computer, a VCR or cable. Everyone was wearing the latest label, whereas we couldn't even afford thrift store clothes. We didn't have a summer cabin, or a camper or afford to take vacations. I couldn't afford to go to the movies or even buy chips for lunch in the cafeteria.

When I did make a friend, I rarely invited anyone to my house, as either the kid or their parents would end the friendship due to my father's addictions or mental issues. As conditions worsened at home, I began developing stress related illnesses which led to further isolation.

As an only child, I naturally gravitated towards the teachers, and soon became known as the weird chubby kid who wrote massive book length reports when only a few pages were requested. I enjoyed writing, and it was a way for me to raise my status. Of course, I then got picked on worse. But the recognition was worth it. Gold arrow links to the next Monologue

Since I was mostly alone whether at school or hiding from my father, I entertained myself by making up stories, writing songs and drawing. I would imagine myself becoming either a writer or a songwriter. Then one day, perhaps at the age of ten or twelve, I decided to become a writer. Gold text reads Alle

I completed my first novel by the age of sixteen and submitted it to one large publisher. Unlike most standard reject letters, they sent me back some promising comments that encouraged me to keep writing.

I don't know if I'll ever be considered a great writer, but I do think people will remember me as a good storyteller."

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