Allex Michael, a young attractive blonde woman with long hair

Gold text reads Allex Michael


Allex Michael Facts:
Creative People She Likes

Best Actors:
This is tough, as many actors are very good in a specific type of role versus a great actor. Plus the private lives of some actors continue to be so public, it is difficult to evaluate their performances.
     Johnny Depp for his ability to pull off any role
     Cate Blanchett consistently very good

Most likable Actors and Directors
     Kate Winslet
     Sandra Bullock
     Tom Hanks
     John Travolta
     Holly Hunter
     Hugh Jackman
     Sarah Jessica Parker
     Ron Howard

Some attractive actors: (Based on appearance only.)
     Michael Shanks
     Tom Welling
     Adrian Paul
     Jensen Ackles
     Sawyer from Lost
     Jason Momoa
     Sebastian Rulli
     Wallace Huo
     Shemar Moore
     Wentworth Miller
     Halle Barry's Beau
     Goran Visnjic
     Won Bin
     Wes Bentley
     Beastmaster Actor
     Angelina Jolie
     Julianne Moore

Great Looking Actors who have aged well
     Sean Connery
     Sam Elliot
     Robert Wagner
     Catherine D' Neuve

Gold text reads Alle

Great singers:
     Christina Aquilera
     Celine Dion
     Kelly Clarkson (though wardrobe needs help)
     Whitney Houston
     Josh Brolin

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