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Allex Michael Facts: Allergies

'Monkey See, Monkey Do'. Though she never smoked, both of Allex's parents did and Allex thinks this contributed to her allergies. Allex Michael as a young teen.

Allex has a number of allergies, which developed in her late teens and early twenties.

Allex Michael: "Both of my parents were smokers, and after working in a few smoky bars, I am pretty sure second hand smoke was a catalyst for my allergies.

Having allergies turned out really great for my health. And I'm really lucky since the allergens are mostly man made versus environmental. So with the exception of cut grass, airborne pollution and pharmaceuticals, I mostly just watch what I eat.

Though I can eat just about any real food, my problem is additives. So this means no junk food. Even if I read the labels, MSG and other chemicals are part of the manufacturing process for certain ingredients so I avoid all processed foods. No diet pop either, because of the Aspartame, though I can tolerate a piece of gum when it's cut into three.

Injuring her knee, specialists were about to operate. However, due to concerns about her reaction to the anesthesia, the surgery was never performed.

In addition to food, I also have problems with personal care products. Many cosmetics, hair products and perfumes can cause me problems.

Hair products are the absolute worse for me. Inhaling hair spray can swell up my breathing tubes. Even some hair gel on a comb will cause a scalp reaction and hair loss. My scalp has always been extra tender, so I've never been to a hair stylist. So I basically avoid hair people like the plaque. Doesn't seem like I'm in the right business, does it?

Allergies likely ended my career as a background performer. Despite knowing about my allergies to aerosols, on one job, the hair people kept using hair spray right next to me. Asking a hair person not to use product, is like asking a cop not to use their gun. Rather than make a fuss, and to keep breathing, I would just quickly leave the makeup room whenever this happened. Enraged, the head of hair and makeup vented all the week's anger at me. What a horrible extra I was, what a pain I was and how I'd never make it in the industry. After another long day I went home crying. Swearing I'd never go back. But of course I showed up early the next morning. Gold arrow links to the next fact

The final straw came on the last day. The extra holding area was in an old overheated building with a massive hornets nest. Along with dozens of other extras, I was also bitten. Unlike the others, I had an allergic reaction. Between the hair spray and the hornet sting, my extra career was over. I was already committed to work the following day on another film, but was never again called to be an extra." Read more about Allex's acting experiences. Gold text reads Alle

Allex Michael: "A few of my friends treat me like a canary in a coal mine. If I become allergic to something, they often reconsider their use of the product."

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